Final program

08.30-09.20: Registration/coffee

MORNING SESSION: moderator: Prof. I. Tromme
09.20-09.30: Welcome: Dr. K.Vossaert
09.30-10.15: Diagnosis and management of non-pigmented skin lesions. Prof. A. Lallas
10.15-11.00: Lost in pigmentation: the hitchhiker’s guide to pattern analysis (Patterns and clues of pigmented lesions). Prof. H. Kittler

11.00-11.30:  Coffee break

PRE  LUNCHSESSION: moderators: Dr. Sven Lanssens and Dr. A.-C. Deswysen
11.30-11.45: Spotlights on the IDS. Dr. K. Vossaert, Prof. A. Lallas
11.45-12.30: ‘What’s hot’: highlights from the WCD Thessaloniki
          * Spitz’ lesions: updated guidelines. Dr. Pauline Richez, Dr. A.-C. Deswysen
          * Which patients? How often? Prof. A. Kolivras
          * About an orange pulverocytic naevus. Dr. M. Haspeslagh
          * Man against machine. Dr. K. Vossaert

12.30-14.00: Lunch

AFTERNOON SESSION: moderator: Prof. L. Brochez
14.00-14.40: TrichoscopyDr. V. Meuleman
14.40-15.20: InflammoscopyProf. A. Lallas

Coffee break

Oefenworkshop (Dutch) Dr. K. Vossaert/ Dr. S. Lanssens

* Discussions autour de cas pratiques (French) Dr. I. Tromme/Dr. P. Richez/Dr. AC Deswysen/Pauline Lecerf

17.15-18.00: Closing drink