Final program

08.30-09.20: Registration/coffee

MORNING SESSION: Moderators: Prof. L. Brochez, Dr. S. Lanssens
09.20-09.30: Welcome (Dr. K. Vossaert)
09.30-10.30: “Dermoscopy of non-pigmented (tumoral) lesions” (Prof. A. Lallas)
10.30-12.00: Dermoscopic clues for the daily practice:
• 10.30-10.50 (New) clues in inflammoscopy (Prof. A. Lallas)
10:50-11.20: Coffee break
• 11.20-11.40: (New) clues in trichoscopy (Prof. A. Kolivras)
• 11.40-12.00: Clues for pigmentary disorders (Prof. R. Speeckaert)
12.00-12.30: Future perspectives in dermoscopy (Prof. M. Garmyn)


AFTERNOON SESSION: Moderators: Prof. I. Tromme, Dr. K. Vossaert
14.00-15.00: “Do nothing? excise? or follow? the management dilemma of pigmented skin lesion” (Prof. L. Thomas)
15.00-15.30: Coffee break
15.30-17.15: Interactive workshop (English)
Reflectance confocal microscopy in daily practice (Dr. I. Hoorens)
Past, present and future in dermoscopy (Dr. E Harkemanne and Prof. I. Tromme)
• Applications of AI in ex vivo dermoscopy (Dr. M. Haspeslagh, V. Clauwaert)
Carousel of cases (Prof. L. Brochez, Prof. R. Speeckaert, Dr. H. Cokelaere, Dr. L. Janssens, Dr. S. Lanssens, Dr. K. Vossaert)