Dr. I. Tromme

Dr. Isabelle Tromme has been a dermatologist in the Melanoma Group of the Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc in Brussels (Université Catholique de Louvain) since 1998. Her main fields of interest are diagnosis and management of pigmented skin lesions, dermoscopy and digitalized dermoscopy.
She first started working with a dermoscope in 1995 when she was a resident in dermatology. She wrote her dissertation for her Dermatology Degree on pathology/dermoscopy correlations. In the 2000s, she gave – with Katrien Vossaert – the first workshops in dermoscopy to Belgian dermatologists. Since 2004 she has also been working with digitalized dermoscopy.
From 2009, she presented many workshops on dermoscopy and digitalized dermoscopy with Pauline Richez and/or Luc Thomas, both in Belgium and in Paris. She has also participated in several studies of the International Dermoscopy Society.
In 2015 she presented her doctoral thesis entitled “Melanoma detection by optical and digital dermoscopy: epidemiology in Belgium”, including epidemiological and medico-economic aspects of melanoma and dermoscopy.
She currently dedicates part of her time to consultations with melanoma patients, patients at high risk for melanoma and patients with pigmented lesions that are difficult to diagnose or manage. The remaining part is dedicated to research in the field of dermoscopy. She is also studying the efficacity of different methods of teaching and training general practitioners in melanoma diagnosis.