Prof. L. Brochez

BDG_L_BrochezEducation high school
Section Latin-Sciences in Gent, Belgium (Nieuwen-Bosch1983-1989)
Graduation summa cum laude

Medical Studies at the University of Gent (Belgium) (1989-1996).
Degree of Medical Doctor obtained in 1996 summa cum laude.

Further information – professional activities
Dermatology training at the Dermatology Department of the Ghent University
Hospital (Prof. Dr. JM Naeyaert) : 1995-2002
Scientific Research (Fund for Scientific Research, Flanders) 1996-2000
Degree of PhD in February 2001. Thesis “Cutaneous melanoma in Belgium”
(ISBN 90-806215-1-X)

Postacademic course ‘Epidemiological methods in practice’ 1996-1997 (KUL, Centre of Preventive Medicine – Biostatistical centre for Clinical Trials, 70 hours)
Continuing education ‘Biostatistics’ 1996-1997 (RUG, Centre of Statistics, Faculty of veterinary medicine, 20 hours)
Staff member at the department of dermatology university hospital Gent since 2003.
Coordinator for dermato-oncology at the dermatology department and within the university hospital.
Special domains: melanoma, dermoscopy, nonmelanoma skin cancer, cutaneous lymphoma, rare skin cancers, skin toxicity of oncological treatments, skin cancer research.

Member of the commission of oncology Ghent University Hospital
Member of the scientific committee of the commission of oncology Ghent University Hospital
Elected member Cell Scientific Research (Cel Wetenschappelijk
Advisor for translational research in centre oncology Ghent University Hospital
Working group rare cancers University Hospital Ghent (2015-6)
Co-founder and steering member of the Immuno-Oncology Network Ghent University Hospital (2016)
Elected steering member of the Cancer Research Institute Ghent (CRIG) (2016)

National level
– Member of the College of Oncology (multidisciplinary advisory group on the organization of oncology in
– President of the Belgian Association of Dermato-Oncology (BADO) (2012-2016) (multidisciplinary group on skin cancer); organization of national meeting (2013, 2015, 2016)
– Adjunct-Kliniekhoofd dermatologie (80%)
UZ Gent
– Kliniekhoofd dermatologie
– Co-founder of the Belgian Dermoscopy Group (BDG) (2014); organization of international First Belgian One Day Course on Dermoscopy (9/2014)
– Advice Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre: Coordinator skin cancer group – Rare cancers
– Member sarcoma group – Rare cancers
– Member group on genetic testing in skin diseases
– Member group on stage IV melanoma
– Member Advice Group Health Council on sunbeds

International level
– Member of EADV (European Academy of Dermato-Venereology)
– Member of EORTC*-Melanoma Cooperative Group
– Member of SCOPE (Skin Care in Organ Transplant Patients)
– Member of IDS (International Dermatoscopy Society)
– Board member of European Journal of Dermatology (2006 – 2010)
– Subeditor (2007-2008) and secretary (2009-2010) of the ‘Stichting Nederlandstalige Nascholing Dermato-Venereologie’.
– Board member and representative for Belgium in IDS (International Dermatoscopy Society) (2013 – ongoing)

Promotor of doctoral theses
Barbara Boone, 2009, Ghent University: Clinical markers and driving mechanisms in melanoma progression: VEGF-C, RhoC, c-Ski / SnoN and EGFR
Reinhart Speeckaert, 2012, Ghent University:  Study of the mechanisms of melanocyte destruction in melanoma, halo nevi and vitiligo
Inès Chevolet, 2015, Ghent University: A translational exploration of melanoma immunology focused on indoleamine
2,3-dioxygenase: lessons for immunoprofiling and immunotherapy

Isabelle Hoorens (KOF): Skin cancer screening: Sense and No(n)Sense (population-based screening)
Marc Haspeslagh: When dermoscopy meets morphology (clinical research)