Marjan Garmyn

Prof. Dr. Garmyn’s clinical practice and clinical research  focuses on cutaneous oncology and clinical assessment of pigmented skin lesions and other non-pigmented tumoral lesions, using dermoscopy.

Prof. Garmyn runs a very busy cutaneous melanoma and pigment cell clinic, where 75-100 newly diagnosed melanoma patients are seen per year, 1000-1500 melanoma patients are in follow up per year and approximately 2000-3000 patients with nevi are seen per year. A substantial amount of these patients are at risk to develop melanoma because of a positive family history and/ or atypical nevus phenotype. The clinical cutaneous oncology program is being constantly improved by digitizing dermatoscopic imaging techniques, by the initiation of epidemiological and genetic/epidemiological studies (focusing on known melanoma susceptibility SNPs, S50843) and clinical studies (a randomized, double blind placebo controlled trial eudract nr 2012- 002125-30, protocol number 2012LRDVDCM-IWT 110688- to investigate whether high dose vitamin D supplementation after surgery of the tumour has a protective effect on tumour relapse).

Prof. Garmyn has also a vast experience in the diagnosis and management of patients with nonmelanoma skin cancer, predominantly basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma.and their  precursors, s.a . actinic  keratosis.

For many years, Prof. Garmyn is experienced  in the dermoscopic assessment of pigment lesions, using digital imaging techniques for serial dermoscopic photography (including digital dermoscopic pictures taken with DermLite DL3 and storage of the these pictures in the electronic patient file, and microDerm® (Visiomed AG).